Airline Ancillary Revenue 

Airline Ancillary Revenue Defined

Airline ancillary revenue, formerly known as non-transportation revenue (NTR) is revenue from non-ticket sources, such as frequent flier currency sales, cross-sell merchandising (partners), up-sell merchandising (seat upgrades), baggage fees, punitive transaction fees, and on-board food and services. LoadFactor TV is a provider of professional video for airline ancillary revenue trends.

Airline Loyalty Videos

LoadFactor TV produces and distributes original programming on airline loyalty trends, personalities and innovators. Episodes are filmed at Airline Information and Flight Global conferences worldwide.

Episodes have featured pioneers such as former chairman and president of American Airlines, and the inspiration for frequent flier programs Bob Crandall. Randy Petersen, often referred to as the guru of frequent flier programs has also been featured on LoadFactor.

Airline Ancillary Revenue Videos

Along with the latest in airline commercial trends, LoadFactor TV produces and distributes videos on airline ancillary revenue trends, personalities and innovators.

 Coverage on airline ancillary revenue began with the first conference organized to explore the subject known as "ARAC" which was held in Frankfurt Germany in 2007 chaired by Jay Sorensen (Ideaworks Company) and organized by Airline Information. 

Today's coverage of airline ancillary revenue trends occurs mainly at Airline Information's annual Mega Event.

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